Why am I craving sugar? Have you ever asked yourself this question? Or have you ever wondered why it is difficult to stop the sugar addiction?

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Have you ever wondered why your body is craving sugar? It doesn’t have to do with your personality. I know it is very hard to give it up. Your body will crave for it just when you decide to break up with sugar and it is really difficult to say good bye to is. I have been there.

You need to ask yourself if you are ready to give it up and willing to change your lifestyle. If you do, let me share my experience so it will be easier for you on your ‘forget sugar’ journey. And in the end, you will have a lot of bonus after that.

If you need some motivation, check these out, maybe some will resonate with you and give you more determination to go on this journey.

  • You will lose some weight or a lot of weight if you have been obese.
  • You will look younger.
  • Your complexion will look much better than before.
  • Your problems with inflammation will go away.
  • Your constant headaches will be gone forever.
  • Your bloating will be gone.
  • Your puffy eyes and puffy face will be gone
  • And many other more benefits.

Remember, each person’s health condition is unique. You may look young and have the perfect weight, but you have bloating all the time. Or, you may be just a bit overweight but have no other problems.

The bonus list will go on and on. Every person will have different benefits. But one thing is for sure.



You might think that you are not a sugar addict, that you have a normal relationship with sugar, that you only take sugar with your coffee and that’s it. No one wants to admit they are addicted to sugar.

I know it because I have been there, it was a personal battle I had to face in the beginning of my health journey.

Now, looking back, I know that I was addicted to sugar, at least my body was.

sugar craving

Check if these conditions resonate with you.

  • You get hungry fast after a big meal.
  • You crave for sugary foods even when you are not hungry.
  • You eat more sweet foods more than you intended.
  • You often crave for simple carbs.
  • You are attracted to certain high-carb foods for example pasta, noodle, bread.
  • You feel the need to have dessert after each meal.
  • You feel sluggish, moody after consuming high carb foods.
  • You feel dizzy after more than 4 hours of not eating.
  • You often have brain fog.

Sugar in high carb foods can be addictive. It tends to attract us mentally and physically. I mean that even when the food is not around, sometimes you think of it and nowadays it is easy to order food online…and BAM … the cronut is already in front of you.

When your friend offers you something sweet to eat, it is difficult to say no. Because when the body is not healthy, it will crave for simple carbs and sugary foods. Sugar/high carb foods can be addictive.

Overtime, you will gain weight as a result of getting on the sugar relationship. People around you will blame your lack of willpower for falling into the sugar trap.

sugar craving

It is not an easy road. I have been there, I have tried to repel sugary foods but I end up having just one donut, or one cinnamon bun, or a cup of sweet latte. I failed all the time.

Here is a little knowledge before we continue on the steps of getting rid of sugar craving. It is better to know your enemy first before going into the battle.


When you eat high carb foods/sugary foods, it raises the hormone insulin which then decreases your blood sugar spike.

There is a certain sensory in your blood that sends signal to your brain to crave for more sugar. It’s called Dopamine.


When you eat junk food, sugary foods, or high carb foods, your brain will release dopamine, the feel-good hormone. It gives you pleasure, the feeling of getting a reward.

sugar craving

Over time, the more you eat these sugary foods/high carb foods, your receptor cells will be more and more resistant towards dopamine and you become more and more addicted to sugar.

Then you need more carbs and more sugar to achieve the same pleasure you get in the beginning. That’s how the sugar addiction happens.

So it is not that easy to give up on sugar craving.

If you continue eating the same kind of foods and the same eating pattern, one day you can no longer feel the dopamine and you eat high-carb foods only to satisfy your blood sugar crash.

High-carb foods and sugary foods will continue damaging all parts of your body in the long run, your kidney, your brain, your eyes, your heart.


Sugar can cause a lot of health problems that you are not aware of . You may think your health problems are caused by genetics, or fatty foods or high sodium foods. But all this time, sugar is the root cause of all health problems.

The consequences of eating sugar

When you eat protein, fiber and fat, your blood sugar will be around 70-110, which is good and healthy. Let’s check the blood sugar when you eat sugar or high-carb foods.

Sugar or sucrose or table sugar consists of two molecules linked together. That is also called di-saccharides. Sugar consists of fructose and glucose.

The other common di-saccharides is maltose. Maltose consists of 2 glucose molecules. This comes from carbohydrates that we eat as a form of starch and digested in our body and become maltose. So maltose comes from starchy foods like pasta, bread, potato, rice.

When you eat sugar, starchy food, and processed food, your blood sugar will go up and down so quickly.

What happens when the blood sugar is high? Your body will try to lower the blood sugar down by releasing insulin.

When the blood sugar goes down, then you have hyperinsulinemia. That is a condition with too much insulin.

And then when the blood sugar is so low because of too much insulin, you can get a condition called hypoglycemia, that is when the blood sugar is too low.

When hyperinsulinemia and hypoglycemia happen, you will experience unstable energy. You feel good and have a lot of energy one moment, and the next moment, you feel bad and sluggish. Of course, mood swings also follow.

Another thing to  keep in mind is that when your blood sugar is very low, you get this food cravings and hunger. Sugar makes you hungry.

Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver

What about fructose? Fructose puts a huge burden on the liver. The liver converts fructose into glucose and that turns into fat.

In the long run, if this happens continuously, we end up having Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) or Insulin Resistance or even worse Type 2 Diabetes.

When you have these combination of glucose, fructose, and maltose together, you end up having weight gain and develop belly fat eventually. Along the way, you get insulin resistance and fatty liver.

With that, you also get the combination of metabolic syndrome like hypertension, cardio vascular disease, and dementia.

Maybe for some of you, these sound too far out. You may feel healthy now with a bit of health issues here and there. Not yet forgetful, not even dementia!

Even before that, your digestive system will start to have problems. Starting with teeth cavities, mineral deficiency, gut microbiome, leaky gut, food allergies, auto-immune diseases.

Hormonal imbalance

Sugar also affects the endocrine system. The pituitary gland is affected and then it will cause hypothyroid. As a result of insulin fluctuation, the adrenal gland will be affected, then you will get adrenal fatigue.

For women, you can develop PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), menstrual pain, irregular periods are symptoms of PCOS.

Female can start having male traits, like hirsutism, male pattern baldness. Male will start having female traits, like man boobs, or change in voices.

So now, you can see that sugar causes all these things. The good news is that if you stop sugar consumption, you can also reverse all these things.

The next thing you need to do is to eliminate sugar from your daily meal.  This may sound difficult for those of you who are just starting to realize what sugar does to your body.

Let me tell you how!


I will share my experience in ditching sugar. It is do-able! I was in terrible health condition. I was overweight, I had auto-immune disease, fatty liver, PCOS, you name it. This year, I am 49 years old, but I even feel healthier than when I was in my 20s.

Only by ditching sugar!

So, let’s continue!


Ok! This is not an easy journey. But let me tell you this! If you stick on the plan for the first 3 days with no sugar, no carbs, you will succeed! So, please be persistent on the first 3 days!

These 3 days will be the most difficult days, I know! I have been there.

You will experience some sugar withdrawal symptoms, but you will get over it after 3 days and the road will be smoother.

Let me share what I have done.

Plan your meals into 3 times only. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. No snacks in between. This way helps eliminate unnecessary snacking and insulin rise in between meals.

If later, you can go without breakfast, it is even better.

Since you divide your meals into 3 times only (remember not a single snack in between), it is easier to plan your food intake. No sugar, low carbs.

Remember to take only plain water or tea or coffee without sugar or bulletproof coffee. You can add a pinch of Ceylon cinnamon powder in your coffee.  

If you feel hungry in between meals, take 1 tablespoon  VCO (Virgin Coconut Oil) to curb the hunger.

After the excruciatingly painful 3-5 days, please do continue!

You will experience less hunger. It will be easier to combine this with intermittent fasting. Try to postpone your breakfast 1 hour later every 2 days until you are able to skip your breakfast.

If you are persistent and continue for 14 days, it will be much easier for your body to get rid of the sugar craving that has been with you your whole lifetime.



I think this step is the most important one. If you don’t know your enemy and what it does to you, you will not have the determination to beat it. If you forget, read the the consequences of eating sugar again a few times. You will be more determined to get rid of sugar craving.


Examine your levels of addiction and admit it to yourself. This way it will be easier to start eliminating sugar from your daily life. Check the food in your food cabinet, check your grocery list. Check if you can eliminate all the sugar in your life.


Start eliminating all the obvious sugar or foods that contain sugar. Stop buying candy, chocolate bar, cakes, cookies, or all the foods that contain high fructose corn syrup.

Eliminate simple carbohydrates from your food list. Crackers, cereals, pasta, noodles, rice, bread, pastry.

sugar craving

People like to think that fruits are safe since they are natural. Beware of the sweet fruits since it contains glucose and fructose altogether.

I only allow avocado, lemon, strawberry and blueberry on my grocery list. Tropical fruit is everywhere and easy to get in my neighborhood. Before sugar detox, I used to stock some of the sweet fruits.


Pay attention on food label when you buy groceries at supermarkets. Check the ingredients and nutrition fact. You will want to understand what you put inside your body if you really want to get healthy.

It will be difficult since most food products sold in the market will have sugar in them. Beware of products with high fructose corn syrup as sugar replacement.

sugar craving

Start eating foods that is more natural and have less steps to process, foods that do not change its original form.

Eat lots of cruciferous vegetables to build good, healthy gut and cleanse all the toxins in your liver. Balance your protein intake to complete the vitamins and minerals need in your body.

sugar craving

Our gut may have become leaky after so much sugar intake or unhealthy food choices. If you have embarked on a new lifestyle free of sugar, heal your gut with probiotics, bone broth or kombucha.

Once your gut is healed, you will feel a lot different.


If you still want to have some sweet taste in your food and replace it with sugar substitute, choose the right one.


Choose your supplements wisely to keep you on the right track. Supplements will help supply your vitamins and minerals.


Ok! This is not an easy journey. But let me tell you this! If you stick on the plan for the first 3 days with no sugar, no carbs, you will succeed! So, please be persistent on the first 3 days!

These 3 days will be the most difficult days, I know! I have been there.

You will experience some sugar withdrawal symptoms, but you will get over it after 3 days and the road will be smoother.


I always want to stick to the natural approach, so I will stay away from chemical stuff.

Here are the things that help me along during the 3 excruciating days and the next 14 days and until now.

Nutritional Yeast

This helps supplement your vitamin B.

nutritional yeast

Potassium from lots of vegetables

Lots of vegetables means lots of fiber to keep you full for quite some time. This helps a lot.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar helps curb your hunger. Take this in the morning with empty stomach. Dilute one to two tablespoon of apple cider vinegar into a glass of water.

Ceylon Cinnamon Powder

Ceylon cinnamon powder helps curb your cravings. I find it easier to control my craving if I add a pinch of ceylon cinnamon powder to my coffee or tea.

Virgin Coconut Oil

When you feel hungry in between meals, take 1-2 tbsp of virgin coconut oil. You will feel less hungry.

Green Coffee

Green coffee helps curb your hunger. It gives you more energy, too.

why am i craving sugar


After you embark on a no sugar diet for 14 days, you will begin to feel the following:

  1. No more craving for sugar

When you eat sugar, your hormone insulin will lower your blood sugar spike and this will cause you crave for more sugar.

By getting rid of sugar, your hormone insulin will decrease, and you will stop craving for sugar.

  1. No more being hungry all the time

When you give up the sugar, you will no longer feel hungry. Sugar is the culprit that keeps you hungry so fast even after a big meal. This is because your blood sugar is stabilized.

Sugar is toxic to the body, your cells will reject the sugar and this is called the insulin resistance condition.

After you give up sugar, your insulin sensitivity will improve. You cells will be fed and you will no longer feel hungry all the time.

You will be more healthy because your cells will be able to absorb more vitamins, minerals and all the nutrients from the foods you eat.

  1. No more fatigue after a meal

When you eat sugar/high carbs, you will become tired easy especially after a meal. High sugary foods will make the brain tired and you will feel sluggish and sleepy.

  1. Lose the water retention and fat

After getting rid of sugar for 14 days, your body will shed water. That is water retention from eating sugar/high-carb foods.

You will be surprised at how much fluid you’re retaining all this time.

I had to go the toilet every morning dumping so much water. I remember I only drank a glass of water or two. But I dumped so much water like I just had a bucket of water to drink.

And that happened every day for a few months.

Then I started to feel my clothes loosening, especially in the midsection. I dumped all the water I retained eating high-carb foods all those years.


Your belly is the indicator of your sugar intake

If you eat less and less sugar, your belly will shrink.

If you eat more and more sugar, your belly will expand.

  1. Feel better, steady mood
sugar craving

You will be less grouchy, less stress after getting rid of sugar for 14 days. You will be much calmer, you will focus much better.

  1. Better complexion

Your skin will be glowing and you will have better complexion. The skin will improve after getting rid of sugar for 14 days.

You will have less acne. This is because the hormone insulin is lower now. When insulin is high, other hormones like androgen will also go high. And this causes acne, facial hair in female.

When insulin is high in male body, the testosterone will go lower and cause other health problems, too.

  1. Less inflammation

When you get rid of sugar for 14 days, your body will experience less inflammation. That means less pain in joints and many parts of your body.

This is true. I had difficulty climbing stairs when I was still addicted to sugar. I had this knee pain every time I climbed the stairs.

I no longer feel any joint

pain climbing the stairs nowadays.


Now what’s next after 14 days of no sugar? Can you go back to where you were? Do you want to go back to sugar-craving mode?

Your body is a different kind now. It no longer craves for sugar. It’s running on ketones now. Ketones will support the growth your new brain cells.

You are building new enzymes at cellular levels in the first 3 crucial days. These new enzymes will keep your body burning fat as your fuel. Your body will have a new machine that runs on fat.

  1. Less inflammation in your arteries. Blood clot will be gone so it reduces your risk of getting a heart attack or a stroke.
  2. Your new brain cells will start to grow. When your body runs on fat, you will produce ketones. Ketones support the growth of new brain cells.
  3. You will start to burn the fat that has been accumulating in the liver. Your body will use the fat from the liver as an energy fuel.
  4. You will have better kidney function. The kidney is usually the first thing that sugar damages.

My father-in-law had to pee 8-10 times at night when his blood sugar was really high. After he gave up on sugar for 14 days and so on, he told me that he no longer had to pee during sleeping time. And he slept so well after that.


When you have reduced your sugar and carb intake for several days, your body will enter the state of Ketosis.  This will be even easier to get rid of sugar and carbs when you are in Ketosis.

Ketosis is a state when your body begins to burn the fat storage in your body. When your body is in this state, healing begins.

The first time I entered Ketosis state, I felt even more energetic than before. My mind felt sharper than ever. I can focus more easily. I can feel mental clarity.

Being in ketosis will help weight loss significantly because the body burns the excess fat and turn it into energy. It also helps regulate hormone.


A low carb keto diet with the right amount of protein and high in healthy fats will help you reach this state.

Another way is to do fasting. After 18 hours of no food, your body will switch its glucose consumption mode to fat consumption mode. When your body no longer needs sugar for fuel, it has reached ketosis.

Be consistent in this Ketosis state. You will find that your sugar craving will subside as your body reaches ketosis.

If you really can’t get over sugar craving for the first few days, there are sugar substitutes you can use to help you get by.


The first 3 days will be the most difficult time. If you really can get over these 3 days without sugar, it will be easier for you to continue the journey down the road. There will be some days when you are craving but it won’t be as difficult as before.

Busy yourself with activities so you won’t be inclined to take a bite off the donuts near you.

Remember that you are not just getting rid of sugar craving, but also all those carbs like burger buns, sweet dessert, delicious pasta, and snacks.


            Vegetable Juice Instead of Fruit Juice

Change your fruit juice to vegetable juice, kale smoothies. This is much safer. If you need to add some fruit, add some strawberries or blueberries.

sugar craving

Kombucha Tea Instead of Wine

Change your wine to kombucha. It has a bit of alcohol in it. I know it’s different from wine. But for gut health, kombucha is much better than wine.

sugar craving


I know getting rid of sugar craving is a lot of work especially when you are just starting. Remember, I was there. The most challenging time will be the first 3-5 days and after that it will be easier. Don’t give up during those challenging days.

You will feel much healthier, your body will start to heal, you will find that a lot of your health issues are diminishing. So, it is worth it!

Take a photo of yourself before you start this journey and after you are in ketosis or after several months. You will notice the big difference! Your friends will also tell that you look different!

Are you ready to take the challenge?