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Sugar consumption will spike insulin in your body. High insulin that is going for a long time will create insulin resistance and later more insulin-related diseases will come up. (1) Now I challenge you to do a no sugar diet for 2 weeks so you can see and feel the benefits yourself.

You probably have heard a lot of the bad things sugar did to your body or probably have not. If you have not, you can read this article on insulin resistance here.

Are you ready to get rid of sugar for 2 weeks and to have a new body? A new body that will make you feel better, think better, and feel great.

What I mean by sugar is not only sugar or dessert (fruit included) by itself but also the hidden sugar that is in your bread, cereals, sauce, ketchup, salad dressings, etc. Nowadays sugar is everywhere, especially if you live in the USA. Get rid of all sugar and hidden sugar for just 2 weeks and you will feel very different!

Complex carbohydrates also turn to sugar, you need to be careful about those foods as well. Avoiding sugar in your diet is far more complicated than you would think. Take it as a challenge, it’s only for 2 weeks. You get to learn what’s good to put in your body and what’s not.

Sugar is responsible for creating AGEs (Advanced Glycation End Products) in the body, especially if it binds to proteins. And with AGEs aging is accelerated. (2)

Avoiding sugar will help you slow down the glycation process in the body. You will look younger and feel healthier.

Sugar and Hidden Sugar

We are talking about sugar and also hidden sugar that we need to get rid of for 2 weeks and see the benefits in our body.

So what are they? What are the foods to avoid?

Sugar is, of course, the top of the list, all kinds of sugar like palm sugar, coconut sugar, fructose syrup.

Fruits. Almost all kinds of fruits contain fructose. If you really want to have fruits in your diet, only include blueberry and raspberry.

Hidden Sugar. This is more difficult to notice. You might miss the information and take it as no sugar food.

Foods with carbohydrates like breads, cereals, crackers, pasta, biscuits, rice. The sugar comes from the carbs inside these foods.

Avoid carbs!

Soda drinks like Coke, Pepsi, etc

Alcohol like wine and beer.


Condiments like ketchup, sauce, etc.


The Benefits of No Sugar Diet for 2 Weeks

Less cravings for sugar

If you eliminate sugar from your diet, your cravings for sugar will diminish. Strange isn’t it? The sugar cravings actually come if you consume too much sugar daily. That’s what I experienced when I eliminated sugar from my diet.

Every time you consume sugar/sugary foods/hidden sugar, there is a hormone called insulin that can create low blood sugar.  This will cause you to crave more sugar later when the blood sugar is low.

Less hungry

You are going to feel less hungry when there is no sugar in your diet. Sugar is toxic to your body, and the body will start rejecting it and create a condition called insulin resistance.

When the glucose reserve in your body is finished, your body will burn fat for energy. And you will not feel hungry when your body does this.


Less fatigue

If you still have sugar/hidden sugar in your diet, you will feel tired after a meal. It’s a blood sugar crash.

Lose water retention and fat

For the first week you will lose the excess fluid you have retained for so long. Your gut/midsection is the best indicator to see if you have consumed too much sugar. Your stomach will lose inches. If you eat sugar, your stomach will expand. So if you cut down the sugar, your stomach shrinks.

Some people can even lose 13 pounds of water in the first week. So it depends on your situation. Just cut down the sugar, and you will see amazing results.

Better mood

Believe it or not, you are going to be nicer to be around. You will feel less grouchy, less irritated. Sugar consumption causes you to be easily irritated.

happy woman natural treatment to leaky gut

Better skin

You will have less acne and your skin will glow much better if you eliminate sugar from your diet.

When you consume sugar, insulin will go up, the hormone androgen will also go up in females. This will cause acne to appear.

In males, the testosterone will go down, other problems will appear, too.

Better concentration

You are going to be more focused because your cognitive function will improve. Better cognitive function, better thinking, better focus.

Less inflammation

You will experience less pain in the joints, less inflammation in your body if you eliminate sugar completely.


You might say…it is easier to read this article than to practice it in real life.

Let me tell you one thing.

I’ve been there! I know it is difficult, but it can be done!

The first 3 days will be the most difficult time, but all the worsening symptoms will go away after 3 days. Hang on!

And there are some things that will help you along the way.

A little help to go through no sugar diet successfully

  • Ceylon cinnamon

You can add Ceylon cinnamon in your tea/coffee. It helps lower blood sugar. There are 2 types of cinnamon: Ceylon and Cassia. These two are great help to reduce your sugar cravings.

Ceylon Cinnamon Powder
  • Green Tea

Green Tea is a great suppressant to help you prevent sugar cravings and hunger attack. It has antioxidants that help in boosting the digestive system and metabolism.

Matcha Green Tea
  • Nutritional Yeast

Vitamins B in nutritional yeast will help you get over the sugar cravings. When you are depleted in vitamin B, your body will crave for sugar.

Nutritional yeast helps with autophagy
  • Gymnema Herb

If you take this before consuming sugary foods, it will take away all the sweetness and pleasure from sugar, so the foods/ drinks will taste bland. It helps you get over your sugar cravings, if it feels so difficult in the first 3 days.

Gymnema herb is available in capsule form or tincture form. It is easy to consume and reacts almost instantly.

Gymnema Capsules
Gymnema Tincture

More benefits that you cannot see from the outside

  • New enzymes

New enzymes are built so your body will run on fat fuel instead of sugar fuel.

  • Less inflammation of the arteries

This will prevent blood clot/plaquing and help reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack.

  • More brain cells

When your body switches over to fat fuel, your body runs on ketones. Ketones support the growth of new cells in the brain.

  • Fat in the liver will start to be used as fuel

Your body will start to use the fat in the liver that has been accumulating as fuel. It will start to diminish, and you will see that your midsection shrinks bit by bit.

  • Better kidney function

When you cut down the carbs and the sugar, your kidney will improve greatly.

How much sugar is really needed by the body?

I know some people will say that your body needs sugar in a small amount, no matter what. I used to hear older people telling me that you need sugar for energy, otherwise you will faint. And there are still many other wrong beliefs you will be shocked to hear.

But how much sugar is really needed by the body?

ZERO grams.

That’s right!

There is no such thing as essential carbohydrates needed by our body to live. Our body can run on ketones/fat fuel. Normal blood sugar is around 90-100 ml, that means there is only one teaspoon of sugar for all the blood in the body. And we are okay with it.

But do you know that the average sugar consumption of average Americans way exceed that. It is 31 teaspoons per day of sugar, coming from the sugar in the coffee, tea, hidden sugar from cereals, pasta, crackers, biscuits, bread, sauce, ketchup, etc. (3)

When we consume so much sugar, insulin will go up. Most of the diseases out there that are very serious diseases are insulin-related. Starting from belly fat, Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, heart-related diseases, stroke.

But seriously, do we have to get all the diseases first then we decide to stop consuming sugar? Take a look at the leaky gut symptoms that are less serious but very annoying to your daily activities.

You don’t need sugar!

If you really need sweetener to certain foods, get alternatives like xylitol, stevia, or monk fruit. There are many options available out there.

Of course, after you get off the challenge successfully that you have experienced the benefits of getting rid of sugar for 2 weeks, I want you to consider living without sugar. It’s not going to kill you, in fact it’s going to give you a healthier body!

Be healthy!

If you like this article, please pass around your friends who might need it. And if you have any comments please feel free to write down below or shoot me questions!