When you reach the age of 30, 40 or above, you’d begin searching for lose-weight-fast program with any methods available. You would try every popular diet, go to the most popular gyms, join yoga class and eat all healthy foods in order to reach your ideal body weight. You keep all the tight jeans, undersized dress in the hope that one day you will fit in those again, get back your youth, and be fresh as before.

Let me share my experience and knowledge to help you reach a healthy life and ideal body weight. You need to have the right mindset of fat burning happening in your body first. Then you can apply it in your lifestyle and change your eating habit. I will share how to lose weight fast (internal link) in every detail.

As we age, we tend to have stubborn weight and more resistant metabolism. This makes us feel that we fail in many types of diet and we blame ourselves for not having enough willpower.

The problem that you might not know is that our hormone system has been blocked by the food we eat, preventing fat burning and losing weight.

Can you fix the problem? Yes!

Lose weight fast

When you fix your hormone system, the rewards will be more energy, better sleep, better digestion, better nail, skin, and hair, lowered cholesterol, lowered blood pressure and in the end…weight loss!!

So, you will get a healthy body and ideal weight!


Do you know that body shapes are influenced by hormones? The distortion of the function of each hormone creates different body shapes.

Your body will always use sugar fuel first until it is depleted. When the sugar/glucose has run out, the body will immediately switch to fat fuel. So, sugar consumption must be kept at ZERO.

The key here is the depletion of sugar/glucose in the body.

Stress is another thing that prevents fat burning. When you are under stress, there is a hormone that prevents fat burning, even if you consume no sugar in the diet. The body will store fat in the abdomen.

fat burning lose weight fast
When you are under stress, most fat is accumulated in the abdomen.

When you have ovary problems, your excess fat will be stored in the hips, thighs, upper arms and lower stomach bulge under the belly button.

Ovary Body Shape lose weight fast
Weight gain is accumulated in the hips, thighs, upper arms and lower stomach bulge under belly button.

When excess weight is distributed all over the body, there usually are thyroid problems because thyroid hormones are dispersed to all cells of the body.

Thyroid Body Shape lose weight fast
Weight gain is distributed to all parts of the body

When you have round, protruding belly, there is liver problem.  

Liver Body Shape
A sac inside the abdomen area fills up with liquid

Pay attention to all these 4 body symptoms that you can notice from the outside. Then it will be easier to address the cause and fix it.


Do you believe that more calorie intake causes weight gain or obesity? I used to
believe this. I ate little, yet I gained weight.

It was as if I breathed in front of a piece of cheesecake picture, and I gained weight! It was frustrating!

Cheesecake lose weight fast

Of course, when you cut down calories, you will lose weight in the beginning. But then your metabolism slows down and gets used to the new decreased calorie amount you take.

When you reach your target, you will eat a little bit more. And since the metabolism has slowed down, it makes you gain your weight again or even more pounds, especially in the stomach area.

you understand how hormones work, you will see that lowering your calories will
seem insignificant compared to activating your fat-burning hormones.


You probably have heard a lot of people telling you to lose weight so that you can
be healthy, because there are statistics saying heart disease, diabetes,
stroke, arthritis are caused by obesity.

We have been brain-washed that FAT is the real culprit!

lose weight fast

Is FAT the real culprit?

What I found is this:

I have been trying to lose weight for years. Ok, I wasn’t that obese. I had about 20 pounds of excess weight, which I gained out of sudden. It was disturbing.

When I focused on losing weight by lowering calories, intensifying my exercise time, taking appetite suppressant, I didn’t lose weight permanently. It kept coming back with more pounds. So, at first I gained only 10 pounds, gradually after each diet, it kept adding itself to 20 pounds.

I later found out that I need to be healthy first before I can lose weight. At the point of almost giving up, I decided to change my mindset. I no longer focused on losing weight, I only wanted to be HEALTHY.

At a certain level, I began losing water weight and then the fat started to burn.

I understand that my goal this time was to create healthier glands and hormones, clean up my liver, and just be healthy.

The weight loss happened as a bonus of having a HEALTHY body.

I have never felt healthier than now!


Heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, arthritis, stroke, and obesity are all the symptoms of one big cause – UNHEALTHY BODY!

Let me tell you my experience.

One biggest fear I had knowing I ever had 2 ovarian cysts in my uterus is CANCER. I began trying to find out anti-cancer foods to enhance my liver. I understand that my liver was probably too jammed to let out all the toxins that had built up in my body due to bad eating habits and lifestyle.

I started consuming cruciferous vegetables, like kale, broccoli, cabbage, radish, bokchoy, Brussels sprouts, and many others. I juice them up until now and I have it daily.

Cruciferous Vegetables
Cruciferous Vegetables
Kale Shake
My Daily Delicious Kale Shake

Please understand that I am not a physician or doctor or nutritionist, I just want to share my experience and knowledge so that you can be HEALTHY too.

I believe that everyone is entitled to understand how their body works.


Fat contains potential energy that has not yet become energy. It is stored in your body.

Imagine it as the money you have in the bank. You can withdraw it with ATM card, credit card, or go to the teller with proper ID. Fat is the body’s savings bank account.

ATM fat burning

How is it that with all the potential energy you have and at the same time you feel tired? With the condition of burning sugar fuel, you will crave for carbohydrates: rice, bread, pasta, cereals, chips, or chocolate.

Spaghetti fat burning

Having tons of potential energy and yet you can’t use it!

Having billions of dollars in the savings account, yet you lost your PIN!

You just need to tap it, withdraw it like you withdraw the money in your savings account using PIN.

The question is: What’s the key to tapping the fat fuel?

Ok, now we need to activate the fat-burning hormones and de-activate the fat-storing hormones.


Animals that we eat have been given hormones to grow bigger and faster, to meet the demand of growing population – chickens, turkeys, cattle, and fish.

Plants have been sprayed with chemicals to grow fast.

Chemicals such as pesticides and insecticides mimic the hormones in our bodies.

The food that we eat nowadays are sprayed with toxic chemicals.

The chemicals are called endocrine disruptors, the chemicals that mimic, block, or
otherwise disrupt the normal function of hormones.

Endocrine disruptors are chemicals that can interfere with endocrine (or hormone) systems at certain doses. These disruptions can cause cancerous tumors, birth defects, and other developmental disorders. Any system in the body controlled by hormones can be derailed by hormone disruptors.


When you heal your glands, the muscles need to be regained. You will not see any shift of body weight first but your clothes will feel loser. Before the body burns fat, it has to build back the lost muscle tissue caused by sick glands.

Be patient. Remember, your goal is not on the weight loss.

Get your healthy body first!

It took me some time before I can see significant weight loss.

I felt more energized, stronger.

I craved less and less.

My hair and skin condition improved.

My sleep improved.

First, water weight will come off.

And the healing begins.

The healing phase for each person differs. The time needed to heal depends on original health.

During the healing phase, there will be NO weight loss, but you will feel increased energy, feeling stronger, fewer cravings, improved mood and state of well-being.

Don’t get discouraged when you see no weight loss!

Keep sticking to the program.

Remember, fat will only be burned when the sugar fuel is finished. You must deplete your
sugar reserves BEFORE you can start burning your fat reserves.

Indicators that You Are on the Right Track

How to know if you are on the right track, that you’re doing it right?

Pay attention to other positive health indicators – improved energy, better sleep,
better digestion, loose clothes a bit here and there, more muscle strength,
better hair and nail condition, fewer cravings, overall feelings of well-being.

These are the indicators that you are on the right track, that your body is healing.

That’s why you need to change your mindset in the beginning that getting your health
back is the goal here, not losing weight.

Only by being healthy can you achieve losing weight, because being overweight is a symptom of an unhealthy body.

Overweight fat burning

Diet pills, appetite suppressants, low-calorie foods will give you temporary weight
loss, but in the long run, your health will deteriorate.


When you eat and exercise, two things can happen to trigger fat-burning hormones and fat-storing hormones.

If you use the wrong triggers, your fat-fat storing will continue.

If you know what triggers the fat-burning hormones, fat burning will start to happen.

I bet you have often heard this “Everything in moderation” thing. This cannot help fat burning. When you said everything in moderation, that could mean you still include carbohydrates, sweet things and only eat in moderation. A little bit of sweet carbohydrates will set your fat-burning hormone back.

Everything in Moderation

You have also probably heard that drinking a glass of wine at night before sleep keeps your heart healthy. Alcohol destroys the gland (liver) and set back fat-burning mode for days.

A glass of wine

A glass of wine will set back your fat-burning mode for days

Learn about the triggers to fat-burning mode and you will be healthy and of course lose weight faster. Implement the hormone that triggers fat-burning correctly.


At first, I thought I gained weight because I didn’t exercise enough. I added more
exercise, did weight lifting only to find out later that I gained more, I got
bigger. I had enough stress already to gain those extra pounds and I added more
stress to the body by exercising hard. What I need is light, slow exercise to
help lower my stress.

Learn more about the exercise you need to take to help you be healthy and lose

Exercise Longer Myth

Will exercise longer make you lose weight fast? When stress is the one causing you to stop fat-burning process (Adrenal Body Shape), long and hard exercise will trigger the stress hormone more – then causing you more belly fat.

Hard exercise stops autophagy

Water Weight vs Fat Loss

On the journey of making myself healthy, I almost gave up the idea of losing weight. I focused on becoming healthy more intensely.

Sometimes, when I heard my friend doing other types of diet and lose weight so fast, I was quite tempted to try. But then again, I tried it before and failed, so I got back to the track again, making myself healthy first.

I have lots of water weight to lose. In the first few weeks, I think I lost about 12 pounds of water weight. My face became less and less puffy. My metabolism became healthy and I started to lose weight. People started to notice.

Do not give up if you see no changes on the scale.

I even suggest you stay away from the scale until you see significant changes in your
body shape.

Stay away from the scale
Stay away from the scale when starting the program.

The body needs healing first, lose the water weight that’s been stubbornly clinging to you and then when the glucose fuel has run out, the fat-burning will start.

Trust me, this is a journey of becoming a better you. You will fix your entire body inside out. You will look good and feel good.

Wrong Mindset Leads You To The Wrong Track

When you want to change something in your life, you have to start with the right mindset. Wrong mindset will lead you to the wrong track or even to nowhere.

If you think that you are already too old, then think again. Even if you’re above 40, it is still possible to be healthy and lose the excess weight you have gained.

Or if you think that you have gained over 100 pounds and it is impossible to lose all those excess weight, think again. The goal is to be healthy first. You’ll see the excess weight melting along the way.

You can try doing Liver Detox first for FREE! After a week, you will feel better and healthier, then you can continue to THE NEW YOU CHALLENGE.


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