One Meal A Day and the many health benefits from it.

Doing Intermittent Fasting will give you a lot of healthy benefits.

Putting yourself in a 3 meal a day without snack in between will greatly improve your health. I did this and it helps me a lot. But then I dare myself go to 2 meal a day plan for 4 days and one meal a day for 2 days, alternatively. And I like one meal a day much better.

I will share all the benefits that I also experience myself.

Intermittent Fasting 23/1 – One Meal A Day (OMAD)

What is 23/1? It is 23 hours of fasting and one hour of eating. So you only eat during this one hour window. You basically eat only one time a day. The rest is fasting, no food!

Shocked One Meal A day
OMG OMAD! One Meal A Day!

You may think that you are starving yourself, but please take a look at the benefits you will have for doing OMAD ( One Meal A Day):

It saves money

I used to eat 3 times a day and sometimes with snacks in between. Because what I knew before is that frequent meals will boost your metabolism, right? Eat more and you metabolism will increase.

That’s wrong, my dear!

So, I reduced my meals. Only 3 times a day, that saved quite some money that I used to buy snacks for.

one meal a day fat reserve

Then I went from 3 meals a day to 2 meals a day. It saved me more money.

And now I go one meal a day, with enough nutrition in me, and I saved a lot, like at least $400-500 a month.

It saves time

I like cooking my own meal. It takes some time preparing the ingredients and cooking it and eating it.  Sometimes, for certain meals, it takes a lot of work to do. So my life becomes less complicated and I have more time now to do other things that are more productive.

Preparing food one meal a day
It takes time preparing the meals

It improves digestion.

Eating only one time a day gives your gallbladder, stomach, pancreas, and intestines to rest. This helps in healing all the organs involved in digestion.

It improves digestion

I can see that I have no more bloating now. It helps me get over my irritable bowel syndrome.

It improves immune system

One meal a day improves immune system, it strengthen the immunity in your body.

Improves Immune System
Improves Immune System

When the immune system is strong, you don’t get sick often, your body has stronger ability to fight diseases.

It improves autophagy

Since the immune system is improved, autophagy is triggered massively. Autophagy recycles the damaged cells, damaged proteins into new tissues.

Autophagy is an anti-aging hormone that can only be activated if your insulin is low. (link on autophagy article)

Not only it recycles the damaged cells, but also the viruses, fungus, candida in your body and makes new cells out of it.

Autophagy is also called anti-aging hormone. You will look younger as this hormone is activated.

You can live longer

Since you are in a healthy condition, you are going to live longer in good shape. Imagine living with your children, your grandchildren with a healthy body. You can still go out with them, hang out with friends and still look good.

Live longer with OMAD one meal a day
Live longer and healthy with OMAD

No more hunger

You think by putting yourself on one meal a day will make you hungry all day? When your body adapts to fat-burning mode, your hunger will go away.

It is amazing how our body adapts to it. The body starts getting fuel from ketones (fat) and there is no feeling of hunger. If there is any, you can manage it.

You have no more cravings

It takes some time to get into this state, but your body will adapt to it. And by the time your fat-burning mode works, you have no more cravings for sweets or certain food.

Even though you eat only one time in a day, you feel satisfied. This is because the body is making new glucose from the damaged cells. This process is called neo glucogenesis.

Better skin

Since the old, damaged cells are recycled, you will have better skin too. Your skin will be smoother and you will look younger because of the anti-aging effect created by Autophagy.

Better skin
Better skin

More energy

You will have more energy when your body burns fat instead of sugar. You will feel refreshed even after a meal.

When I first tried Intermittent Fasting eating 3 meals a day, I was afraid I got drowsy or weak for not eating. It turned out differently.

Better mood

You will have a better mood, no more anxiety, and you will feel much better.

Mood disorder has been connected with the meals we take. Too much sugar or refined carbohydrates can have negative effect on the mood.

Better cognitive function

Your memory, focus and concentration will improve since the brain is using the fat fuel.

Our brain uses fat as fuel and fat fuel is really the most efficient fuel in our body.

Cognitive function improves

Decrease inflammation

Blood sugar issues will cause inflammation in your body. If you know anyone who has bursitis, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, or you yourself consider doing OMAD. It will help you get over all these problems.

Lower blood pressure

High insulin caused blood pressure to go up. When you do intermittent fasting, your insulin goes down and so does your blood pressure.

Lower risk of heart disease

High insulin will cause you inflammation in the arteries which will increase the risk of heart disease. By doing intermittent fasting, you will lower your risk of getting heart disease.

Heart Diseases risk
Lowering the risk of heart disease

Improves Dementia

OMAD improves your cognitive function and this is really good for people with Dementia. You will have better memory, remember more easily.

When you eat too much carbohydrates or sugar, your brain function especially the hippocampus will be affected. You tend to forget easily. You go into one room and in an instant forget what you want to do there.

By eating one meal a day, the brain cells will be rejuvenated and new cells will grow.

Improves Dementia
It improves memory in Dementia people

Prevents Diabetes / Pre-diabetes / Hyperglycemia

Doing OMAD will help you lower insulin and of course prevent you from getting diabetes or pre-diabetes or hypoglycemia/hyperglycemia.

It can even reverse the diabetic/pre-diabetic condition.

A study in 2017 with type 2 diabetes patients revealed that fasting for 18 to 20 hours a day can help lower their blood glucose.

Clean your liver from fat

OMAD will clean your liver from fat since it will burn the fat, keeps you in the fat-burning mode. Say goodbye to fatty liver.

During fasting, the body will start eating up the glucose in the body, the fat cells clogging the organs especially the liver. This is really the best and the fastest way to clean up your liver. It takes time but the fatty liver will be reversed.

Fatty liver that becomes Cirrhosis in the end

Loose belly fat

Belly fat is one symptom of insulin resistance. By doing intermittent fasting, you are in a high fat-burning mode and you will burn the fat in your belly. You will get a flat belly so fast!

Belly fat

One study in 2016 revealed that eating one or two meals a day will reduce BMI.

A way to discipline yourself and have a strong willpower

This gives you discipline and gives you more willpower by doing one meal a day. You will go through it easily, trust me!

Discipline yourself and have strong willpower

Improves muscle physiology and density.

Growth hormone improves and protects you against muscle loss, even when you’re not exercising heavily.

Muscle density
It improves muscle density

When insulin is lowered during fasting, the growth hormone will be there to build muscle tissue.

It improves metabolism

People with slow metabolism will benefit a lot from doing intermittent fasting. The metabolism will increase.

Healthy metabolism
Healthy metabolism will help you lose weight

It gives you mental clarity

You will have mental clarity, it will be easier to focus and concentrate on things. As mentioned before, cognitive function will improve, it is clearer for you to think things.

It frees you from anxiety and obsession

Some people obsess about the next meal they’re going to have, calorie count, where to eat, etc. This gives them anxiety. Not having to worry about the next meal because you only eat one time a day will give you more time to relax and free you from worry or guilt.

So these are the benefits of doing One Meal A Day (OMAD). One healthy lifestyle you might want to consider since the benefits are all very good.

I have been doing this for months and I have never felt any healthier in my entire life.

My bloating is gone. Craving for sweets is gone.

My irritable bowel syndrome is gone.

I have regular menstruation period. My PCOS is gone.

My skin, nail, and hair condition improved a lot. I used to have hair loss and brittle nail.

My blood pressure is normal again.

The most significant is my FLAT BELLY! I can fit into my jeans from 10 years ago!

All the insulin resistance symptoms (internal link) are gone!

You may think that one meal a day will not fulfill your nutrition requirement and you will be nutrient-deprived. This is wrong!

When you are in fat-burning mode and your body burns fat instead of sugar, it will recycle the glucose in the body, in the organs, and you will have all the nutrients needed. You will be super healthy!

If you want to try Intermittent Fasting starting from 16/8, 18/6, 20/4, or 23/1, do it right away! Do not doubt it! Only good things will come!

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