Some people wonder what fruits are allowed on Ketogenic Diet? I know fruits are never allowed because of their sweetness. But, let’s check out the fruits down below, so you understand more about what to eat and what to avoid.


Why Aren’t Fruits Allowed on Ketogenic Diet?

Fruits nowadays are sweeter than ever. Take a look at apples or mangos or pears. They are so sweet. They have developed the seeds to be sweeter and sweeter.

Fruits are supposed to be seasonal. But now you can get them all year round. So you get to eat them more.

Fruits have fructose in it. All the fructose goes to the liver. (1, 2) It is going to spike insulin and will cause you to have insulin resistance if you continue eating fruits so often. That’s why fruits are not allowed in a Ketogenic diet.

Fruits That Are Allowed on Ketogenic Diet


There is no sugar in it. It has a lot of fiber. You can eat it combined with eggs and cheese. Avocado has a lot of good fat you need to lose weight. (3)

Avocado fruit on ketogenic diet


I know this is not the fruit you are looking for. It is not sweet. But check out the benefits you have consuming lemon/lime.

Lemon Lime



Coconut, the meat has low carbohydrates, but coconut water has a lot of carbs in it. (4)


Tomato fruit on ketogenic diet

Tomato has a lot of fiber in it and it is safe to consume on a Ketogenic Diet. (5)

Pomegranate seeds

Pomegranate seeds are allowed, do not consume the juice that sometimes comes with added sugar. (6)

Pomegranate fruit on ketogenic diet


Starfruit has low Glycemic Index and it is okay on a Ketogenic Diet. (7)




A small amount of berries is okay because they are low in carbs. Berries include raspberry, blueberry, blackberry, and strawberry which all have very little fructose in it.

Important Note:

If you have reached your ideal weight and you want to consume fruits again, please try a small amount first and see how you react to it.

I myself, cannot tolerate too many fruits after I have reached my ideal weight. So I only consume those fruits that are allowed on the Ketogenic Diet. I used to have insulin resistance, weight problem, slow metabolism, so I need to restrain myself on sweet fruits.

I suggest you do your own research on this too so you understand more.

My two cents on this is – if you know what’s keeping you healthy and are already there at your ideal weight in a healthy shape, why don’t you continue your healthy habit?

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