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About Olive Oylee

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Hi! I’m Claudia, welcome to my health and wellness blog, Olive Oylee!


I decided to write a blog about health and share my knowledge and life experience regarding health and blogging. I have struggled with metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, and so many annoying health issues since my 30s.



I wasn’t a healthy kid when I was born. I remember my mom telling me many times that I need to take certain Chinese herbal soup to strengthen my immune system. That helped, really! But I still have to deal with the root cause of all my health issues later in my 30s and 40s.


I enjoyed eating all those food that  can make me healthier.


But still I grew up so thin and fell into so many diseases. I was lucky because several times I think I was ill enough I could die.


As a teenager, I was a weak girl. I skipped PE classes many times.

As a young woman, I experienced a lot of menstruation problems, digestion problems, and headaches… lots of them.

I was 30 years old when I thought that’s it! I have had enough. I started doing a lot of research on health, natural treatment, and healthy food.


I exercised hard. I became more careful with what I ate. But, still…. PCOS got me in 2010. I got severe bleeding and went to the Intensive Care Unit. I was lucky, the doctor said I got ovarian cyst, he took it out and the next day I got home.


It seemed that what I had done wasn’t enough and wasn’t correct.


One thing that I can prove wrong is…


My lifestyle was still the same.

It wasn’t a healthy lifestyle.

I ate dinner late at night. I ate a lot of refined products.

I worked until late at night.

I was under a lot of stress building my new business at that time.

I didn’t sleep well.

I was constantly worried.


And on I kept being like that until my level of stress peaked at 2012-2013.

Despite all the achievements I had building my second business, I got another ovarian cyst growing in my Fallopian tube.


I refused to be examined thoroughly by the doctors. I was worried that they took my ovaries or my uterus. And the other thing I was worried about is the expense. I couldn’t afford it at that time and I couldn’t waste my time recuperating from surgery.


I decided to do research on natural treatment. I took all the herbal medications, went to places that I heard can help the healing, jogged, took a 5K race, … whatever that will help heal or forget that I had that thing growing in my belly.


Yet … it didn’t grow any smaller. It grew bigger and bigger. And the next thing I searched for is a surgeon who promised not to take my ovaries or uterus. I found one in Island Hospital, Penang. Thank you Dr. Karen.


And in 2014 I went into surgery and Dr. Karen was amazed I got all my organs healthy inside despite that big cyst and a few more small myomas in the uterus.


Since getting the cyst, I gained weight so fast even though I ate very little. After the surgery, I lost 5 kg, but right after that, I think just a week after, I gained 7 kg immediately and I didn’t remember eating a lot at all. I wasn’t the type who can eat a lot of food one at a time. It turned out that sudden weight gain is one symptoms of being unhealthy.



I suspected my health has something to do with my hormones. But I couldn’t find any doctors who could help me with that.


Weight gain, hair loss, dry skin, loose bowel movement, menstruation problems, bloating, puffy eyes, round face, brittle nails.


I went to one endocrinologist who made me took a lot of tests and found nothing at all. I spent $400 at one visit!


I gained weight so fast. I was not obese but the weight gain was annoying enough that every time I met someone I knew, the first thing they commented was…I gained weight.


My face got so puffy and round. My arms were flabby. I looked older than my age. I gained weight on my hips, my belly, and all over.


I started avoiding meet-ups, taking pictures, mirrors. That was really tiring.


I had a great body curve when I was young. I slipped into any dress or clothes perfectly. So, it was devastating to see my body change so much without knowing the cause. I couldn’t even face myself in the mirror. I looked so different with the water retention and moonface.


So, I began reading books, searching on the internet, did some research, applied it on me.


I changed my lifestyle, I changed my food, I changed my mindset.


I began my journey of making my body healthy, instead of making me go back to my old body shape.


So, my goal was to be healthy first and I really didn’t weigh myself along the way. I started a liver enhancement program, that is using natural food to cleanse my liver. I changed what I eat, Healthy Ketosis. I also do the Intermittent Fasting, which helps me get back to my body shape so fast.


All I knew was after a few months, I started to see my face looking more glowing, I started to sleep so well I wake up refreshed every day, I bloated no more.


I began to feel better. My stomach felt much better. My metabolism increased. So I kept continuing what I was doing and even did more research on being healthy.



A few more months down the road, I could slip into a few pairs of jeans I bought 7 years ago with my ideal body weight. It felt a little tight but I could slip into them. Yeay!!! I shrank!


So I kept on making me healthy! And I began meeting friends and friends began telling me I looked amazingly different.

 Claudia Syanny

They said I looked fresher, looked younger, and slimmer.


I started this blog to share my knowledge and my research and my tips on being healthy first. So forget about losing weight for a while.


When you are unhealthy, you gain all those excess weight. Those added pounds are the symptoms that something wrong is going on in your body.


You need to fix that first!


Weight loss is a bonus for you at the end! And you will feel great and feel so much healthier than ever!


I felt I am much healthier now than when I was young. I am 47 now and never felt so healthy and happy!



I applied for a certification on being a health coach. Along the way, I helped my friends with the same symptoms or any health related issues, and they listened and applied it to themselves. And so many reported success.


Here I will share the information and if you care to follow my journey on making yourself healthy, get LIVER ENHANCEMENT PROGRAM for FREE!







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About Olive Oylee


Hi all! I’m SO happy you found your way here! At Olive Oylee, I will share information about making yourself healthy in the best natural way possible for you.

Be healthy first and

weight loss is your bonus!

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